Data Science Community

NIH Data Science Community Mission

Extracting full value out of data requires people – a community of people with the knowledge and skills to develop and utilize methods and tools. The methods and tools of today are based on the investments made in the past – investments in time and money; future discoveries and developments rely upon a continued investment in human capital.

To support the NIH mission, the NIH and its Institutes and Centers have invested in biomedical data science. Funding programs like BISTI and BD2K complement the work being done across the NIH to support data science research. Extramural and Intramural training opportunities provide the skills and knowledge to help the community grow. NIH scientific interest groups bring people together to learn from each other and foster collaboration. Through support of the science, of workforce development, and of collaboration, the NIH is building a strong, sustainable, and supportive data science community.

Workforce Development & Community Engagement

NIH Data Science Workforce Development Center

The NIH Data Science Workforce Development Center aims to support the development of open course materials and online courses, the hosting of in-person courses, and the discovery of educational resources. This Center will help scientists find online educational resources in biomedical data science.

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BD2K Extramural Training

The Big Data to Knowledge Program has issued a collection of funding opportunity announcements to address a variety of needs, all related to training a biomedical workforce able to take full advantage of Big Data.

Because the audience for training is so diverse, BD2K has issued a ten different FOAs to fully address the needs in the biomedical science community.

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NIH Data Science Community Engagement

Data Science plays a role in many of the NIH engagement activities and the Office of Data Science is committed to expanding understanding about the potential of data science and to attracting more researchers, students, and administrators to opportunities to the data science community. Some NIH engagement activities that integrate data science are:

  • NIH Data Science Seminar Series
  • NIH Pi Day
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This page last reviewed on September 17, 2018