Data Science at the NIH


New tools, new data, and new methods are taking biomedicine further than was ever possible before.  This expansion relies heavily on the contributions of computer science, mathematics, and statistics to biomedical research. The integration of Data Science and biomedicine is growing rapidly. This collaboration has spectacular value for the future of biomedicine but it cannot progress in a vacuum. Biomedical data science needs a community of practice and education at the NIH that accelerates the translational impact of biomedical research. Individuals and groups all across the NIH have taken up this goal and are already building programs, infrastructure, and communities in support of Biomedical Data Science. The Office of the Associate Director for Data Science is dedicated to highlighting ongoing efforts all across the NIH and to initiating trans-NIH programs to build a community rich in opportunities for Data Science exposure, training, and accomplishment.

NIH Data Science Distinguished Seminar Series 

The NIH Data Science Distinguished Seminar Series is a new lecture and discussion series initiated by the NIH Office of the Associate Director for Data Science in 2015. This dynamic series brings high-profile researchers and experts to the NIH main campus to exemplify the roles that integration of the computational and the quantitative sciences play in the today’s most innovative biomedical research, health research policy development, and sustainable research practices.

The Inaugural seminar was presented by Dr. Eric Lander of Harvard University’s Broad Institute on March 13, 2015 during the NIH Pi Day Celebration.

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Data Science at the NIH Institutes and Centers

Data Science is growing across the NIH! From the Biowulf cluster to the BISTI funding program, NIH Institutes and Centers are supporting and funding many Biomedical Data Science activities.

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NIH Scientific Interest Groups & Listservs

There is a long tradition at the NIH of scientists forming groups around specific and timely topics. The NIH officially supports these gatherings as NIH Scientific Interest Groups (SIGs) and listservs. SIGs run events, offer mentoring, and help share the newest techniques with the community. These groups and the listservs are a vital part of the NIH community. They are also major grass-roots drivers of the integration of data science into the biomedical research community. Some SIGs like the Biomedical Computing the Bioinformatics Interest Groups have a general computational biology focus.  Others like the Pharmacogenomics Interest Group are targeted to specific sub-fields where the influence of Data Science is growing.

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