DataScience@NIH Workforce Development Center

The NIH Data Science Workforce Development Center will be both an organizational structure for finding online educational resources in biomedical data science and the subset of those educational resources held at NIH or funded by the NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) program. The Workforce Development Center includes the development of open course materials and online courses, the hosting of in-person courses, and the discovery of educational resources.

The Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) training initiative supports the development of open educational resources (OER) and courses for biomedical data science through extramural grants. The Educational Resource Discovery Index (ERuDIte), a resource piloted by the BD2K Training Coordination Center, is a key part of the NIH Data Science Training Center.

The Educational Resource Discovery Index — ERuDIte

The Educational Resource Discovery Index (ERuDIte) supports the discovery, access, and citation of diverse educational resources in data science. Using ERuDIte, you can identify open educational resources (e.g., free modules, MOOCs, curricula, and webinars) and in-person or minimal-cost training opportunities (e.g., short courses) for data science, including educational materials funded through BD2K.

ERuDIte is:

  • a living corpus of educational resources, continuously updated via active community contributions (crowd-sourcing) and passive scouring and indexing of online materials (applying novel Big Data technologies);
  • extendible, so the community can access the materials, and remix or build applications/extensions on top of them;
  • a source of attribution for producers of resources; and
  • personalizable through user-defined settings and data science technology.

ERuDIte is managed by the BD2K Training Coordinating Center (TCC).

This page last reviewed on September 4, 2018