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NIH Highlights Support for Data Science Research through the Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA) Program
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Mar 14 2019
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NIH Highlights Support Data Science Research through Academic Research Enhancement Award AREA) Program Notice Number: NOT-GM-19-021 Key Dates Release Date: March 14, 2019 Related Announcements PAR-18-714 PAR-19-133 Issued National Institute General Medical Sciences ( NIGMS ) National Cancer Institute NCI) National Human Genome Research Institute NHGRI) National Institute Aging NIA) Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute Child Health Human Development NICHD) National Library Medicine NLM) Purpose Modern biomedical research becoming increasingly quantitative reliant computational methods, growing of large complex datasets address biomedical research questions advance human health.NIH recently released its Strategic Plan Data Science that highlighted need the next generation researchers be equipped the skills this interdisciplinary field.This Notice highlights role the Academic Research Enhancement Award AREA) program exposing undergraduate students data-science research engaging broader community this area science serves encourage applications PD/PIs expertise biomedical data science related disciplines research questions are within mission the participating NIH Institutes Centers. goals the AREA Program to: 1) provide support meritorious research undergraduate-focused institutions institutional components; 2) strengthen research environment these institutions/components; 3) give undergraduate students opportunity gain significant biomedical research experience through active involvement the research. NIH recognizes diversity all levels contributes excellence research training environments strengthens research enterprise. AREA applications encouraged include faculty students diverse backgrounds, including underrepresented racial ethnic groups, first generation college students, students low socio-economic backgrounds, individuals disabilities see NIH's Interest Diversity). Applicants encouraged consult the Frequently Asked Questions on the R15 website. learn about NIH plans data science consult the Data Science website. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Alexandra Ainsztein, Ph.D. National Institute General Medical Sciences NIGMS) Email: Alexandra. Christopher L. Hatch, Ph.D. National Cancer Institute NCI) Telephone: 240-276-6454 Email: Bettie J. Graham, Ph.D. National Human Genome Research Institute NHGRI) Telephone: 301-496 7531 Email: Rene Etcheberrigaray, Ph.D. National Institute Aging NIA) Telephone: 301-451-9798 Email: Mahua Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute Child Health Human Development NICHD) Telephone: 301-435-6886 Email: Hua-Chuan Sim, M.D. National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone: 301-594-4882 Email: Jane Ye, Ph.D. National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone: 301-594-4927 Email: Alan Vanbiervliet, Ph.D. National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone: 301-594-1297 Email:
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