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Notice of NLM's Participation in PAR-19-093 "Leveraging Health Information Technology (Health IT) to Address Minority Health and Health Disparities (R01 Clinical Trial Optional)"
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Dec 20 2018
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Notice NLM's Participation PAR-19-093 Leveraging Health Information Technology Health IT) Address Minority Health Health Disparities R01 Clinical Trial Optional)" Notice Number: NOT-LM-19-002 Key Dates Release Date: December 20, 2018 Related Announcements PAR-19-093 Issued National Library Medicine NLM) Purpose purpose this Notice to inform potential applicants the National Library Medicine NLM) participate, effective immediately, PAR-19-093, ldquo;Leveraging Health Information Technology Health IT) Address Minority Health Disparities R01 Clinical Trial Optional)" following changes updates made to PAR-19-093 (shown italics) reflect NLM’s participation this FOA.  National Library Medicine seeks applications novel biomedical informatics data science approaches can help reduce disparities increasing access care, delivery higher quality care, improving patient-clinician communication, health outcomes minority health health disparity populations the U.S. The scope NLM's interest these research domains broad, emphasis new methods approaches foster data driven discovery improve usability understandability health information. NLM also interested research approaches helping consumers acquire, manage use data their own health. Biomedical informatics data science draw upon fields, including mathematics, statistics, information science, computer science engineering, social/behavioral sciences. Application domains include health care delivery, basic biomedical research, clinical translational research, precision medicine, public health, biosurveillance, similar areas. NLM defines biomedical informatics the science optimal representation, organization, management, integration presentation information relevant human health biology. NIH defines data science the interdisciplinary field inquiry which quantitative analytical approaches, processes, systems developed used extract knowledge insights increasingly large and/or complex sets data. this Funding Opportunity Announcement, NLM support applications involving small, early-stage Phase clinical trials are part the evaluation components research projects involving biomedical informatics and/or data science. clinical trials involve safety, feasibility validation studies inform research project. NLM not support applications proposing Phase II, III IV clinical trials. Part 1. Overview Information Components Participating Organizations National Institute Minority Health Health Disparities NIMHD) National Cancer Institute NCI) Office Behavioral Social Sciences Research OBSSR) National Institute Biomedical Imaging Bioengineering(NIBIB) National Library Medicine NLM) Catalog Federal Domestic Assistance CFDA) Number(s) 93.307, 93.399, 93.286, 93.879 Part 2. Section VII. Agency Contact(s) Scientific/Research Contact(s) Alan VanBiervliet, Ph.D. National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone: 301-594-1297 Email: Financial/Grants Management Contact(s) Samantha Tempchin National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone: 301-496-4221 Email: other aspects this FOA remain unchanged. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Alan VanBiervliet, Ph.D. NLM/Extramural Programs Telephone: 301-594-1297 Email: