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bioCADDIE DataMed Version 1.5 Now Live

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

DataMed Beta Version 1.5

The bioCADDIE development team announces the release of DataMed Version 1.5, a Data Discovery Index (DDI) prototype

 …with enhancements and important code corrections!

Thanks to user feedback, the DDI prototype has many new usability enhancements and code corrections.

New features introduced:

  • Increased coverage to twice the number of biomedical data repositories
  • Total number of datasets doubled
  • Repositories mapped to DATS 2.1 metadata model
  • Sorting on publication date of the dataset
  • Visualization of results via timeline
  • Usability enhancements based on user feedback and user interviews

User-reported issues resolved:

  • Search capabilities expanded to include search by dataset IDs, PMIDs
  • Compatibility with Google Chrome fixed
  • Generate collections from search results
  • Ability to view results in different formats
  • Links to related datasets
  • and Many More Features...!

DataMed is a work in progress and the bioCADDIE development team welcomes your feedback HERE.

Get involved in the bioCADDIE project and DataMed user studies!

For more details, contact: or

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