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According to NIH policy, all grantee publications must include an acknowledgement of grant support and a disclaimer. An example of specific acknowledgement of BD2K grant support is the following:

  • This research was supported by grant [specific grant number in the format R01GM987654] awarded by the [IC] through funds provided by the trans-NIH Big Data to Knowledge (BD2K) initiative (




When I apply for a BD2K grant, do I need to specify a targeted NIH Institute?

No. This is a trans-NIH initiative. For new applications, you do not choose an institute or center to target or apply to. Revision applications (see NOT-HG-14-022 and NOT-HG-14-023) will be assigned to the IC of the parent grant. The other BD2K training applications will be administered as a group and scientifically monitored by a trans-NIH committee.

Are applications to BD2K FOAs restricted to a particular type of data?

These FOAs are open to a wide range of data types (including EHR, imaging, phenotypic, molecular (including -omics), clinical, behavioral, and environmental) as well as a wide range of diseases.

Can I submit an application to this grant that I have previously submitted to another FOA?

Because this is an RFA, an application that was already submitted to NIH can be submitted in response to this announcement as a new application.

However, overlapping applications will result in one being withdrawn. A concurrent submission of an application to both an RFA and a PA is considered an overlapping application.

For more details, please see: Also note that applications must directly address the science described in the BD2K RFA in order to be considered responsive.

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