Training, Education, and Workforce Development


For a summary of the BD2K Initiaitve’s Training Efforts, see the 2016 BD2K Investments in Training ​Report.

BD2K efforts in training aim to support the establishment of an effective and diverse biomedical data science workforce using a variety of methods at all points along the education pipeline. Accomplishing this requires support for training of scientists and students of all career levels, as well as development and dissemination of courses, training materials, and open educational resourses in data science and data management. In addition to these projects, a newly funded training coordination center will ensure that training materials made by NIH and other sources are discoverable.  

BD2K Training awards have been made in the following program areas:

Short Courses and Resource Development

Institutional Training Grants

Scientist Training and Career Development

Enabling Educational Experiences Awards

Training Coordination Center



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