NIH Data Science Policy Council

The NIH Data Science Policy Council (DSPC) is an internal NIH committee consisting of senior NIH and Institute and Center (IC) leaders and data scientists. The DSPC was created in 2017 as part of a restructuring of NIH programs and governance related to data science, aiming to provide a forum for trans-NIH data science policy development and oversight. The DSPC is intended to address the growing policy challenges and opportunities associated with ‘big data’ and data science (broadly defined) in biomedical research, thereby promoting maximum public benefit from data utilization in a manner that fulfills the agency’s principles toward responsible stewardship of data. This includes bioethical responsibilities to research participants and the general public with regard to data management, access, and sharing practices.

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Mission Statement

The NIH Office of Science Policy (OSP) advises the NIH Director on matters of significance to the agency, the research community, and the public, by promoting progress in the biomedical research enterprise through the development of sound and comprehensive policies.

OSP’s various offices and programs work on a wide range of issues including biosafety, biosecurity, genetic testing, genomic data sharing, human subjects protections, the organization and management of the NIH, and the outputs and value of NIH-funded research. This is accomplished through a wide range of analyses and reports, commentary on emerging policy proposals, and the development of policy proposals for consideration by NIH, the Federal government, and the public.



Eric Green
Director, National Human Genome Research Institute

Carrie Wolinetz
Acting Chief of Staff and
Associate Director for Science Policy, NIH


Andy Baxevanis
Director of Computational Biology, Office of Intramural Research
National Human Genome Research Institute

Jodi Black
Deputy Director, Office of Extramural Research

Eric Dishman
Director, All of Us Research Program Precision Medicine Initiative

Greg Germino
Deputy Director, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Joshua Gordon
Director, National Institute for Mental Health

Richard Hodes
Director, National Institute of Aging

Barbara McGarey
NIH Legal Advisor, Office of the General Counsel

Andrea Norris
Director, Center for Information Technology Chief Information Officer

Belinda Seto
Immediate Office of the Director Office of the Director

Jerry Sheehan
Deputy Director, National Library of Medicine


Patti Brennan
Director, National Library of Medicine


Dina N. Paltoo
Office of Science Policy, OD

Laura Lyman Rodriguez
National Human Genome Research Institute

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