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Notice of Expiration of NIH/BD2K Participation in the Joint NSF/NIH Initiative on Quantitative Approaches to Biomedical Big Data (QuBBD) [NOT-EB-16-008]
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May 12 2017
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Notice Expiration NOT-EB-16-008 NIH/BD2K Participation the Joint NSF/NIH Initiative Quantitative Approaches Biomedical Big Data QuBBD)" Notice Number: NOT-RM-17-012 Key Dates Release Date: 12, 2017    Related Announcements NOT-EB-16-008 Issued Office Strategic Coordination Common Fund) Purpose Notice informs potential applicants the cancellation the participation the NIH BD2K program the Joint NSF/NIH Initiative Quantitative Approaches Biomedical Big Data QuBBD) NOT-EB-16-008]. NIH not participate future receipt dates currently listed September 12, 2017 the second Tuesday September, annually thereafter. Additional applications not accepted NIH. amount diversity data generated NIH-funded research programs continues grow rapidly, necessitating safe, scalable storage solutions, new analytic approaches, an adaptable workforce. this unprecedented revolution biological information unfolds NIH looks the future data science, needs ensure researchers the ability make meaningful of increasingly massive biomedical data resource.  will critical NIH identify implement new strategies improve data discoverability, utility, sustainability, including moving large data sets the cloud making adherent FAIR Principles – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable.  Success meeting challenge require major infusion resources. Patricia Flatley Brennan, Director the National Library Medicine NLM), her role interim Associate Director Data Science, work all NIH’s 27 Institutes Centers develop strategies improve data discoverability, utility, sustainability the biomedical research community. Previously issued BD2K funding opportunities being canceled that new funding opportunities be issued support implementation the new strategies. Details BD2K program changes been announced the program's current website: Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Vinay M. Pai, Ph.D. National Institute Biomedical Imaging Bioengineering NIBIB) Telephone: 301-451-4781 Email:
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