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Request for Information (RFI): Inviting Comments and Suggestions on the NIH-wide Strategic Plan
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Jul 22 2015
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Request Information RFI): Inviting Comments Suggestions a Framework the NIH-wide Strategic Plan Notice Number: NOT-OD-15-118 Key Dates Release Date: July 22, 2015 Response Date: August 16, 2015 Related Announcements None     Issued National Institutes Health NIH) Purpose Notice a time-sensitive Request Information RFI) inviting comments suggestions the framework the NIH-wide Strategic Plan. NOTE: is important read entire RFI notice ensure adequate response prepared to a full understanding how response be utilized. Background response a request the Congress, NIH developing 5-year NIH-wide Strategic Plan advance mission support research pursuit fundamental knowledge the nature behavior living systems, the application that knowledge extend healthy life reduce illness disability. Senior leadership staff all 27 Institutes, Centers, Offices ICOs) contributing the proposed direction content the Strategic Plan, input the Advisory Committee the Director, NIH. framework below identifies crosscutting areas research exemplifying breadth ICOs' priorities aims outline set unifying principles guide NIH pursuit its mission. goal this larger NIH-wide strategic plan not outline myriad important research opportunities specific disease applications that covered the strategic plans each the ICOs, will referenced appropriately), to highlight major trans-NIH themes. Strategic Plan due the Congress late December 2015. NIH-wide Strategic Plan Framework Overview section include discussion subjects such the NIH mission, status and opportunities biomedical research, current NIH-supported research landscape i.e., basic applied research, extramural intramural research, ICOs their own strategic plans, Common Fund, challenges), constraints confronting community the face lost purchasing power Areas Opportunity Apply Across Biomedicine Promote Fundamental Science Basic Science the foundation progress Consequences basic science discoveries often unpredictable Advances clinical research methodologies stimulate scientific progress Leaps Technology often catalyze major scientific advances Data science increases impact efficiency research nbsp; Improve Health Promotion Disease Prevention Importance studying healthy individuals Advances early diagnosis/detection Evidence-Based interventions eliminate health disparities nbsp; Advance Treatments Cures Unprecedented opportunities the basis molecular knowledge Breakdown traditional disease boundaries Breakthroughs need partnerships often from unexpected directions Unifying Principles Set NIH Priorities – NIH sets priorities incorporating measures disease burden, understanding need foster scientific opportunity through nimble adaptable methods, supporting opportunities presented rare disease research, considering value permanently eradicating pandemic Enhance Stewardship NIH enhances stewardship the research enterprise recruiting retaining outstanding biomedical research workforce, enhancing workforce diversity, , encouraging innovation, optimizing approaches guide decisions made, enhancing partnerships, promoting scientific rigor reproducibility, reducing administrative burden, employing risk management strategies decision-making.   Information Requested RFI seeks input stakeholders throughout scientific research community the general public regarding above proposed framework the NIH-wide Strategic Plan. NIH seeks comments any all of, not limited to, following topics: Potential benefits, drawbacks/challenges, areas consideration the current framework Compatibility the framework the broad scope the NIH mission Additional concepts ICO strategic plans are cross-cutting should included this trans-NIH strategic plan Comprehensive trans-NIH research themes have been captured the Areas Opportunity Apply Across Biomedicine   Components the Areas Opportunity Apply Across Biomedicine are applicable an NIH-wide Strategic Plan Future opportunities emerging research needs to Submit Response comments must submitted electronically the submission website. Responses longer 300 words MS or pdf format) must received 11:59:59 pm ET) August 16, 2015. will an electronic confirmation acknowledging receipt your response.  Responses this RFI voluntary. not include any proprietary, classified, confidential, trade secret, sensitive information your response. responses be reviewed NIH staff, individual feedback not provided any responder. Government use information submitted response this RFI its discretion. Government reserves right use any submitted information public NIH websites, reports, summaries the state the science, any possible resultant solicitation(s), grant(s), cooperative agreement(s), in development future funding opportunity announcements. RFI for information planning purposes only shall be construed a solicitation, grant, cooperative agreement, as obligation the part the Federal Government, NIH, individual NIH Institutes Centers provide support any ideas identified response it. Government not pay the preparation any information submitted for Government’s of such information. basis claims against U.S. Government shall arise a result a response this request information from Government’s of such information. look forward your input hope you share RFI document your colleagues. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: Email:
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