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Request for Information (RFI): Second Draft Specification for Conformant Cloud Providers
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Dec 22 2015
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Request Information RFI): Second Draft Specification Conformant Cloud Providers Notice Number: NOT-LM-16-002 Key Dates Release Date:   December 22, 2015 Response Date: January 22, 2016 Related Announcements None Issued National Library Medicine NLM) Purpose National Institutes Health NIH) funds basic applied research the biomedical health sciences, generating large amounts new research data every year. the scope scale research data increased, standard mechanisms which data found shared indexes, web portals, journal articles, scientific conferences, direct transmission data via electronic networks, name few) insufficient. Further, federal policies require data generated federal support shared, making broadly accessible, easily computable readily sharable. part its efforts resolve problem, NIH developing Commons1, shared, virtual space sharing data, software, digital learning resources, workflows other products research. Commons help ensure the digital artifacts publicly funded research Findable, Accessible, Interoperable Reusable FAIR). NIH supporting implementation the Commons concept via variety pilot activities within NIH Big Data Knowledge BD2K) program.  Computational infrastructure the Commons initially envisioned employing cloud computing services. ldquo;conformant provider” cloud services the Commons offer array options, such Infrastructure a Service IaaS), Platform a Service PaaS) Software a Service SaaS). conformant provider one meets NIH defined requirements business relationships, interfaces, capacity, networking connectivity, information assurance authentication authorization. Dec 23, 2014, NIH released Sources Sought Notice2, SS-NIHCOMMONS-2015, FedBizOps, requesting information an initial set proposed conformance requirements. Comments received the initial requirements revised.  NIH now requesting comments the revised version the conformance requirements, prior identifying conformant providers.     NIH intends finalize requirements based industry scientific feedback during January 2016, to open process providers cloud compute services become conformant soon practicable after requirements finalized. Although details the conformance certification process not finalized, NIH intends utilize reviewed self-certification process during pilot phase. Information Requested NIH requests input two major areas: 1. NIH wishes obtain feedback potential providers a) ability meet proposed conformance requirements, b) interest acting providers c) any requirement deemed the provider be sufficiently burdensome it prevent potential provider participating. 2. NIH wishes obtain feedback potential users conformant cloud services, is, the research community, to a) whether services described the proposed conformance requirements meet needs, b) additional capabilities required, types capabilities be necessary meet general requirements scientific computing c) barriers researchers experienced using cloud services host data sets. NIH particularly interested responses those already cloud services store data make widely available draft conformance requirements posted at: to Submit Response Responses this RFI must submitted electronically later 30 days after publication this RFI. Responses this RFI voluntary. RFI for planning purposes only should be construed a solicitation as obligation the part the Federal Government, National Institutes Health, individual NIH institutes Centers. NIH does intend make any type award based responses this RFI to pay either preparation information submitted the Government’s of such information. NIH use information submitted response the RFI its discretion. Respondents advised the Government under obligation acknowledge receipt the information provided will provide feedback respondents. information submitted be analyzed may shared internally, incorporated future changes the NIH cloud conformance requirements, appropriate at Government’s discretion. Proprietary, classified, confidential, sensitive information should be included your response. Inquiries Please direct inquiries to: George A. Komatsoulis, Ph.D. National Library Medicine NLM) Telephone:  301-594-7875 Email: Vivien Bonazzi, Ph.D. Office the NIH Associate Director Data Science ADDS) Telephone:  301-451-8276 Email: 1 2