Meet the Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS)

Susan Gregurick, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Data Science, NIH
Director, ODSS
Belinda Seto, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, ODSS
Laura Biven, Ph.D.
Data Science Technical Lead
Alyssa Tonsing-Carter, Ph.D.
Health Science Policy Analyst
Jessica Mazerik, Ph.D.
Director of Workforce Programs
Fenglou Mao, Ph.D.
STRIDES Project Manager
Erin Walker, MBA
Senior Communications Specialist
Rebecca Hardesty
Program Specialist
Allissa Dillman, Ph.D. [C]
Outreach Director
Carol Fivozinsky [C]
Budget Analyst
Jaqueline Cattell [C]
Communications Specialist

This page last reviewed on February 18, 2021