Workforce Development

Enhancing the pipeline for experts in computation, data science, and related fields to move into the biomedical research space is an essential component of the NIH Strategic Plan for Data Science. The ODSS is implementing various strategies to enhance the data science workforce at NIH, expand the national research workforce, and engage a broader community in the biomedical and clinical research fields.

As part of its commitment to enhancing the biomedical data workforce, NIH is pleased to offer various opportunities to current and future data-savvy technologists interested in biomedicine.

  • Coding it Forward Civic Digital Fellowship

    Technology, data science, and design internship program sponsored by Coding it Forward for undergraduate students to solve pressing problems in federal agencies
  • Graduate Data Science Summer Program

    Summer internship experience at NIH for graduate students looking to expand their education and training in data science
  • Training Opportunities

    Data science-focused training programs in specific biomedical research areas and training grants to develop quantitative and computational skills for students and fellows

This page last reviewed on October 29, 2019