FAQs: NOSI to Support AI-Related Workforce Development

The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Office of Data Science Strategy recently announced a Notice of Special Interest (NOSI) for Administrative Supplements for Workforce Development at the Interface of Information Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML), and Biomedical Sciences (NOT-OD-21-079). The purpose is to support the development and implementation of curricular or training activities at the interface of information science, AI/ML, and biomedical sciences to develop the competencies and skills needed to make biomedical data FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable) and AI/ML-ready.

Please refer to this site regularly for updates to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and other announcements related to this NOSI.


  1. When do I need to submit my application?

Applications are due May 14, 2021, by 5 p.m. local time for your organization.

  1. How do I apply for this NOSI?

Applications must be submitted using PA-20-272 - Administrative Supplements to Existing NIH Grants and Cooperative Agreements (Parent Admin Supp Clinical Trial Optional). All instructions in the SF424 (R&R) Application Guide and PA-18-591 must be followed.

For funding consideration, please include “NOT-OD-21-079” (without quotation marks) in the Agency Routing Identifier field (box 4B) of the SF424 R&R form. Applications without this information in box 4B will not be considered for this initiative.

  1. How many years of funding can I request?

Applicants can request no more than one year of support.

  1. My grant is under a no-cost extension, can that grant be used as the parent grant to apply?

The parent award must be active when the supplemental application is submitted (e.g., within the originally reviewed and approved project period) and have a project end date of May 31, 2022, or later. Awards in a No-Cost Extension (NCE) are not eligible. The supplements should not extend beyond the project period of the parent award.

  1. Will all applications received be funded?

No, responsive applications will be evaluated by a panel of trans-NIH staff, and the most meritorious applications will be supported based upon availability of funds.

  1. How much can be requested in my proposed budget?

    Up to $80,000 (Direct Costs) with appropriate justifications can be requested.
  2. Our institution has multiple schools and/or campuses, but the notice states that only one application will be accepted per institution. How do you define institution?

    NIH will accept only one application per institution, typically defined by a unique entity identifier, such as DUNS and an NIH Institution Profile File (IPF) number.
  3. Our programs are run from different campuses. Does one application per institution mean that we need to include the other campus?

    If the grants were issued to the same institution (as defined above), PIs on different campuses need to cooperate with each other to devise an application that will be useful to all the programs.
  4. Our institution has more than one eligible award; can we submit a combined supplement, or do we need to submit separately?

    If the grants were issued to the same institution (as defined above), you need to cooperate with the application for a specific notice. Separate submissions from the same institution are not allowed.
  5. Our institution has only one eligible award; can we apply?

  6. Our current project period is such that that the award is ineligible, but I just found out we will be renewed. Are we eligible to submit a supplement?

    No, you are not eligible.
  7. We have more than one eligible award. Should we submit our supplement for the grant with the latest end date?

    An application attached to an award with a later end date is no more likely to be chosen for funding than one attached to an award with the earliest eligible end date.
  8. Can we request up to $80K per year for each year remaining in the project period?

    No. Funded applications will receive a one-time notice of award in July or August 2021 to support their project. No additional supplement awards will be issued in future years of the award.
  9. We’d like to use the supplement funds to support additional trainees; is this acceptable?

  10. Can faculty not named as key personnel on the submitting grant to receive support if they participate substantially in the proposed activities?


Contact Information

For more information, please contact AI-workforce@nih.gov



This page last reviewed on March 23, 2023