Tools & Analytics

Tools & Analytics

The ODSS works to adopt and adapt emerging and specialized technologies for data analytics. These technologies include APIs, cloud-ready software, and other tools to advance health. Additionally, the ODSS partners with other government agencies, industry, academia, and nonprofit organizations to support and broaden the use of specialized tools.

Learn more about NIH efforts to advance tools and analytics below.


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Enhancing Software Tools for Open Science

Supporting collaborations between biomedical scientists and software engineers to enhance the design, implementation, and cloud-readiness of research software

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Best Practices for Sharing Research Software

Frequently asked questions about sharing research software and source code

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Smart and Connected Health

Connecting data, people, and systems

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Digital Twins

Dynamic virtual models of biological systems, continuously updated with new data from the physical counterparts, utilized for research, diagnosis, and treatment purposes

This page last reviewed on May 8, 2024