Data Infrastructure


Data Infrastructure

Supporting a highly efficient and effective biomedical research data infrastructure is critical to achieving NIH’s mission of applying knowledge gained through research to improving health.

NIH is leveraging cloud services through partnerships with academic institutions and industry to facilitate secure data storage and broad access to biomedical datasets. NIH is also developing shared identity and access management tools to allow researchers to connect to and seamlessly analyze data across NIH data platforms and resources.

Watch recordings and read the report from the NIH ODSS Search Workshop.

Learn more about data infrastructure projects and funding opportunities at the NIH below.

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The STRIDES Initiative

Harnessing the power of the cloud in support of biomedical research

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Exploratory Cloud Research Program

Supporting the exploratory usage of cloud

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Researcher Auth Service Initiative

Streamlining access to NIH’s open and controlled data assets and repositories for researchers

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NIH Cloud Platform Interoperability Effort

Creating a federated data ecosystem to improve researchers’ access to data

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Quantum Information Science

Exploring quantum science to advance biomedical research

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