Big Data Integration to Better Health for All of Us

Institute or Center: All of Us Research Program (AoURP), Office of the Director

Project: Big Data Integration to Better Health for All of Us

Skills sought:

  • Programming in R or Python
  • Experience and interest in integration of multiple data types including electronic health records (EHR), genomics, and survey data
  • Experience with missingness in datasets and statistical methods for imputation, particularly for EHR
  • Experience in Jupyter notebooks, SQL databases, and Google Cloud Platform preferred

About the position: The AoURP seeks a data scientist to integrate a large amount of diverse data. All of Us is working to improve health care through research. The Scholar will

  • develop a strategy to measure or define record completeness across multiple data types and create recommendations for how to improve data completeness within the AoURP.
  • outline a framework to remediate data missingness and develop tools or software to address data bias or missingness.
  • present strategies and recommendations to senior program leadership and advisory committees and initiate the implementation phase of the strategy.

About the work: Unlike research studies that focus on one disease or group of people, All of Us is building a diverse database that can inform thousands of studies on a variety of health conditions. The Scholar will be encouraged to collaborate with, and utilize the expertise of, individuals across the entire AoURP including health scientists; data professionals; database and software developers; and policy, epidemiology, and public health experts.

Datasets involved: The AoURP is a longitudinal cohort study aiming to enroll a million or more participants from diverse backgrounds to study their health trajectories over time through physical measurements, demographics, genomics, survey responses, and automated EHR collection. This data is broadly available to researchers through a cloud-based platform called the AoU Researcher Workbench. The Workbench is openly accessible via cloud computing to researchers who apply for access.

Why this project matters: The AoURP is a historic effort to collect and study data from one million or more people living in the United States. The goal of the program is better health for all of us. All of Us is part of a new era in which researchers, health care providers, technology experts, community partners, and the public work together to develop individualized health care.

Work Location: Bethesda, MD

Work environment: The Scholar will report to the All of Us chief technology officer and will have the opportunity for mentorship by the All of Us CEO. The Scholar will interact regularly with the program collaborators at Vanderbilt University, Verily, Microsoft, and the Broad Institute. Working with this platform allows the Scholar to dive into integrating a large amount of diverse data.

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This page last reviewed on February 22, 2021