Meet the Graduate Data Science Summer Program Interns

This summer, NIH is hosting several master’s-level student interns who are applying their computational skills to help answer critical biomedical research questions that can have significant societal impact. These students are part of the Graduate Data Science Summer Program, a partnership between the NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education and the Office of Data Science Strategy. These students are learning about the biomedical research enterprise, and through their efforts on a specific research project, will provide vital insights into how computational approaches can help make new discoveries and solve a broad array of biomedical research problems.

Sam Aboagye, George Washington University

Sam is working with Vishal Siramshetty in the Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation at the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.



Jordan Connors, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Jordan is working with Gurmeet Kaur in the Computational Biology Branch of the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM).



Peter Ehmann, Rutgers University

Peter is working with Daniel Pine and Anderson Winkler in the Section on Development & Affective Neuroscience within the Emotion and Development Branch at the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).



George Gruenhagen, Georgia Institute of Technology

George is working with Jaime Iranzo and Eugene Koonin in the Computational Biology Branch of the NCBI at the NLM.



Viridiana Murillo, Keck Graduate Institute

Viridiana is working with Fred Davis and John O’Shea in the Lymphocyte Cell Biology Section of the Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch at the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases.



Peter Riley, George Washington University

Peter is working with Sarah Williams in the Office of the Scientific Director of the Division of Intramural Research Programs at the NIMH.



August Thomas, Virginia Commonwealth University

August is working with Sara Bandres Ciga in the Molecular Genetics Section of the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at the National Institute on Aging.



Angela Wu, St. Louis University

Angela is working with Brian Ondov in the Genome Informatics Section of the Computational and Statistical Genomics Branch at the National Human Genome Research Institute.



Amy Zhang, Pennsylvania State University

Amy is working with Keith Hughitt in the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Genetics within the Center for Cancer Research (CCR) at the National Cancer Institute (NCI).



Isaac Zhao, Brown University

Isaac is working with Emily Rossi and Brid Ryan in the Laboratory of Human Carcinogenesis within the CCR at the NCI.

This page last reviewed on April 7, 2023