NIH Virtual Workshop: Near-term Applications of Quantum Sensing Technologies in Biomedical Sciences

Thursday, January 5, 2023

There are increasing coordinated efforts in quantum technology research and development in the United States (National Quantum Initiative) and across the world. Examples of quantum sensing technologies include diamond color center sensors, optically pumped magnetometers, quantum photonics and non-classical interferometry, and biosensors. However, the application potential of emerging quantum sensing technologies for biomedicine is not fully understood.

This NIH virtual workshop aims to stimulate discussions to identify unique and timely opportunities in developing quantum sensing and quantum enabled sensing technology applications in biological and biomedical domains by engaging stakeholders from industry, academia, government research labs, and funding agencies. This meeting will center near-term quantum sensing technology applications that are ripe for focused development of emerging quantum sensing technologies (where prototypes or proof of principle exist) or exploratory applications of mature quantum sensing technologies for addressing important biomedical problems where minimal additional research and development efforts are required.

PANEL SESSIONS: Three panels are organized based on maturation stages of quantum sensing technologies. Each panel session will have a set of talks followed by discussion across levels of technology maturation. Panel discussion will address near-term applications of quantum sensing technologies for biomedical and life sciences.

  • Panel 1 will explore real-world life science applications of mature stage technologies.
  • Panel 2 will discuss near-term (~5 years) potential applications and further development of prototype stage quantum technologies with proof of principle and are past R&D stage.
  • Panel 3 will discuss near-term ( ~5 years) and long term (~10 years) potential applications of early- stage technologies that are in R&D stage.

Contact for this workshop: Geetha Senthil, NIH

Meeting was organized by:

Quantum Sensing Meeting Planning Committee, NIH Quantum Information Science Working Group including members from various Institutes at NIH, as well as experts from Department of Energy (DOE), National Science Foundation (NSF), and Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST)

Chairs of the Workshop:  Ronald Walsworth, University of Maryland, Marty Stevens, (NIST), Janette Strasburger, Medical College of Wisconsin.

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