Exploratory Cloud NOSI FAQ

The Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): Administrative Supplements to Support the Exploration of Cloud in NIH-supported Research (NOT-OD-23-070) was recently published to  explore and test potential opportunities for leveraging cloud solutions to enhance existing NIH activities. Projects already using cloud may apply to explore and test cloud capabilities not yet leveraged. 

The potential impact and benefits from cloud computing can be difficult to realize for multiple reasons, many of which are disproportionately felt by under-resourced institutions and communities, and this understanding is consistent with the discussion in recent NIH Virtual Workshop on Broadening Cloud Computing Usage in Biomedical Research and responses from the RFI: NIH Programs to Increase Access to Cloud Computing to Diverse Biomedical Research Institutions

FAQs for ODSS FY23 Exploratory Cloud NOSI (NOT-OD-23-070):

  1. I already run my workflows in the cloud but would like to explore ways to leverage new features.  Is that within scope for this NOSI?
    1. Yes.
  2. I am interested in exploring ways to use cloud, but I don’t know where to start.
    1. You may include new partners with expertise in cloud computing in your application and budget request. 
  3. My institution hosts a private cloud, can I carry out the proposed work in this private cloud?
    1. The proposed work should leverage essential characteristics of the cloud, as outlined in NIST 800-145 cloud definition. You may need to consult with your institution’s CIO or responsible party for the private cloud.
  4. This supplement only provides support to use cloud for one year. How should I maintain my project in cloud after the supplement award expires?
    1. This supplement is for exploratory use of cloud, and it is only for one year. The expected outcome from this support is a better understanding for how to leverage cloud and does not cover the sustained support for research products. 
  5. Can I bring new staff by using the funds from this supplement?
    1. Yes. You can include new personnel with necessary expertise such as cloud skills to perform the proposed work.
  6. What is STRIDES?  I don’t think my institution is a member.  Can I still apply?
    1. Yes.  STRIDES is an NIH program for NIH researchers to access commercial cloud. US institutions can enroll STRIDES. You can apply for this NOSI regardless of whether your institution isa STRIDES member or not. If your institution is a member, you should contact your institution’s STRIDES Point of Contact (POC) for the discounted cloud service rates and request cloud budget accordingly. Your institution’s STRIDES POC can be found in STRIDES website or email strides@nih.gov.
  7. I heard I could get free professional services from Google or Amazon or Microsoft to help me on my cloud project, how could I do that?
    1. Your institution must be enrolled in STRIDES, and you must get a STRIDES account to get free professional services. You can check STRIDES participants page for the institutions enrolled STRIDES. If your institution is not enrolled in STRIDES, you may include professional services as part of your budget request.

This page last reviewed on February 16, 2023