NIH Office of Data Science Strategy Announces New Initiative to Improve Access to NIH-funded Data

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Generalist Repository Ecosystem Initiative will make it easier to find and reuse NIH-funded data

GREI is intended to supplement the domain-specific data repositories that are critical components of the NIH biomedical data ecosystem for data sharing.

The GREI builds on the findings from the 2019-2020 NIH Figshare pilot and the NIH Workshop on the Role of Generalist Repositories to Enhance Data Discoverability and Reuse. ODSS anticipates that this initiative will further enhance the biomedical data ecosystem and help researchers find and share data from NIH-funded studies in generalist repositories.

The GREI includes six established generalist repositories that will work together to establish consistent metadata, develop use cases for data sharing, train and educate researchers on FAIR data and the importance of data sharing, and more.

This initiative will also aim to improve discoverability of data within and across participating generalist repositories and lead to greater reproducibility and reuse of data.

GREI Repositories

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