#FellowFriday: Aviva Weinbaum

Aviva Weinbaum

Aviva Weinbaum
Barnard College
Computer Science

Aviva Weinbaum
All of Us Research Program

This semester I am working with my mentor, Dylan Klomparens, and co-fellow Alyssa Romanos to create new data pipelines to more efficiently process incoming data to the All of Us research program. We are building custom processors to read and validate electronic health records, as well as pipelines to access EPA and Census Bureau data, which researchers can use to analyze social determinants of health.

Working with larger amounts of data.

I am happy to be working with larger amounts of data than I have previously, and to learn new software for accessing and handling data. I am excited to contribute to civic tech and learn more about what it means to work for the government. I hope to have many more conversations with the other fellows, as well as people at the NIH about what it means to work in civic tech, and learn from their experiences and pathways to civic tech.

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