2023 DataWorks! Prize Launches

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Dataworks! Prize

ODSS and the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) partnered together to sponsor the DataWorks! Prize, pursuing a bold vision of data sharing and reuse. The prize fuels this vision with an annual challenge that showcases the benefits of research data management while recognizing and rewarding teams whose research demonstrates the power of data sharing or reuse practices to advance scientific discovery and human health.

2024 DataWorks! Prize Challenge

To be announced shortly.

2023 DataWorks! Prize Challenge

The 2023 DataWorks! Prize distributed 7 monetary team awards to best practice “recipes” that advanced biological and biomedical research activities, with a focus on practices enabling robust data management during the research process. Submissions underwent an expert review and selection by a panel of NIH judges.  Winning teams were recognized with a cash prize and will be invited to participate in DataWorks! Symposium planned for Spring 2024.

View 2023 Challenge winners.

2022 DataWorks! Prize

To incentivize effective practices and increase community engagement around data sharing and reuse, the 2022 DataWorks! Prize distributed 11 monetary team awards. Submissions underwent a two-stage review process, with final awards to be selected by a judging panel of NIH officials. The NIH recognized winning teams with a cash prize, and winners shared their stories in a DataWorks! Prize symposium.

View 2022 challenge winners.

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