Generalist Repositories Pilot

Incorporating Generalist Repositories into the NIH Data Ecosystem

In 2019-2020, the NIH funded a one-year pilot project with an existing generalist repository, Figshare (link is external), that demonstrated the need for and utility of generalist repositories to fill these gaps in the biomedical data repository landscape. Over the course of the pilot project, more researchers deposited data in NIH repositories and more publications began linking to generalist repositories. However, researchers needed more guidance on where to publish data and how to describe the datasets in use.

Find a detailed summary of the NIH pilot here.

In 2020, ODSS also commissioned an independent assessment on the generalist repository landscape, which found a clear need for the services provided by generalist repositories, and that repositories and researchers are looking to NIH as a leader in the data sharing space. ODSS also partnered with National Libraries of Medicine (NLM) to co-sponsor a community workshop on the role of generalist repositories, which led to the creation of a repository services matrix as well as the creation of the concept of “co-opetition” to create ecosystems.

Find a full summary of the workshop here.

In 2022, ODSS launched the GREI to enable better sharing, access to, and discovery of NIH-funded data among generalist repositories.

Read Dr. Gregurick’s blogs on the importance and usage of generalist repositories:

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